Famous individuals who have had - or are suffering from - Dementia

During Remember December, Donate Planet isn't just raising funds to support NeuRa's research into finding a cure for dementia. We also want to raise the profile and awareness of this disease.

There are different forms of dementia, Alzheimers is one.

Many well known or famous individuals have suffered from a form of this awful disease. Below is a list of some of them. Actors, politicians, artists, musicians, writers, community leaders. Some of these people are mothers or fathers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters . And just like others in the community, their form of dementia would have touched their entire family.

Don Lane, (Australian TV personality) - Dementia

Hazel Hawke, Wife of former Australian PM - Alzheimers

Malcom Young, AC/DC guitarist - Dementia

Neville Wran, Former NSW Premier - Lewy Body Dementia

Barry Cohen, Former Australian politician - _Alzheimers _

Robin Williams, Hollywood actor - Lewy Body Dementia

Terry Pratchett, British novelist - Alzheimers

Glen Campbell, Country and Western Singer - Alzheimers

Charlton Heston, Hollywood Actor - Alzheimers

Margaret Thatcher, Former British PM - Stroke induced dementia

Rita Hayworth, Hollywood Screen Siren - Alzheimers

Ronald Reagan, Former US President - Alzheimers

Peter Falk, Hollywood Actor - Dementia

Winston Churchill, British Statesman - Multi-infarct dementia

Casey Kasem, US Radio personality - Lewy Body Dementia

Louis Feraud, French Fashion Designer - Alzheimers

Burgess Meredith, Actor , Batman’s ‘The Penguin’ - Alzheimers

Iris Murdoch, Irish novelist and philosopher - Alzheimers

Willem DeKooning, Dutch American Artist - Alzheimers

Sugar Ray Robinson, Champion Boxer - Alzheimers

Perry Como, American Singer and TV personality - Alzheimers

Estelle Getty, TV Actor from The Golden Girls - Lewy Body Dementia

Jack Lord, TV Actor from Hawaii Five-O - Alzheimers

An insidious disease

Dementia - in any of its forms - slowly robs an individual of their memory, their personality and their life.

So many Australian families are touched in some way by dementia, and only through research can we find a cure.

You can help make dementia a distant memory.

If you'd like to support or learn more about the Remember December initiative, click here

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