Bright Ideas Wanted for World Cerebral Palsy Day

Each year to mark World Cerebral Palsy Day, people with cerebral palsy - or those who are close to someone with CP - are invited to submit their ideas for an invention that would make life easier for people with the disease.

Making a real change to people’s lives

This gathering of ideas is part of a global innovation project to make a tangible difference to people who live with cerebral palsy and their families. The project is led by a group of not-for-profit cerebral palsy charities and is further supported by organisations in over 30 countries, including The Cerebral Palsy Alliance here in Australia. The project gathers ideas from around the world and people vote to shortlist their favourite ideas. An international panel selects the best of those ideas, which are then forwarded to inventors, researchers and creators who can translate them into reality.

Success so far

The first World CP Day was held in 2012. Over 470 ideas were posted and three shortlisted: a solar-powered wheelchair posted by Alper Sirvan of Turkey; a documentary about Cerebral Palsy in the 21st Century posted by Cindy McCombe Spindler from the USA; and a collapsible powered wheelchair posted by DDNSBT. The major prize winner was a talented team from the University of Virginia (USA), who developed a solar powered wheelchair with retractable panels.

A yearly ‘cycle’ of creating new ideas

From mid-July to 31 October people have just 1 minute to present their idea – in a video or text – and post it on the World CP Day website. On World CP Day, innovation events are held around the world to celebrate and brainstorm ideas. During October voting is opened to select the most popular idea, which during November and December is reviewed and shortlisted by an international panel. From January to June, inventors, researchers and creators are invited to create a design or prototype for one of the 3 shortlisted ideas and the winner is announced in July – just in time for the ‘ideas cycle’ to start again.

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