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I lost my husband Scott on 12 Feb 2018 after a 2.5 year battle with brain cancer. On NYE 15/16 he was rushed to Hospital after scans confirmed a 'very unusual tumour, in a very awkward position' in his cerebellum. It was infiltrating his brain stem. Prior to this, Scott had been unwell for a few months with balance issues and his speech began to slur. After surgery, Scott was diagnosed with a Glyonuronoplastic tumour, stage 3. Radiation, Chemo and Rehab followed over the next 6 months. Scott began to improve and was preparing to finally come home, but after starting chemo he began to deteriorate. His legs couldn't bear any weight and he required more equipment at home. Being in his brain stem, the tumour gradually affected Scott's whole body. Scott slowly lost his ability to use his legs, hands and arms, eventually needing assistance with everything. Despite all of this, his mind was sharp. It was hard for him to get his words out and we could no longer have deep conversations (I miss those chats) but his sense of humour was there until the end. Through this time, our faith and trust in God was our strength and comfort. Our church family, Extreme Life was an amazing support and strength to us and have continued to be for me since Scott passed. I am shaving off my dreadlocks (yes they are all real) to raise much needed funds for research and a cure so that no one has to go through this pain. Thank you for all your donations every cent counts towards ending this disease

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