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BILLY ADAMS (Gippsland Grammar Class of 2017) taught us the true meaning of resilience and courage. Aged 20, he died of brain cancer in June last year. He began at Gippsland Grammar in Year 3, 2007, at Bairnsdale Campus later moving to Garnsey Campus, Sale. He was a dedicated student who loved representing our school in the swimming pool. He was a loved member of the 'boardo community'. Billy was first diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2016 just as he began Year 12. Experts expected he would only have 12 months to live. In 2017, still undergoing chemotheraphy treatment he insisted on going back to school to complete Year 12 and graduate from Gippsland Grammar. He went into remission. He accepted a university place in Arts and by the second semester was offered a place to study Law. During the 2018 mid-term break he enjoyed a trip to Italy but returned from overseas with headaches which quite simply meant his cancer was on the move again. Dr Charlie Teo removed a large section but could not remove it 100%. Dr Teo offered Billy one of the first clinical trials in Australia for medical cannibas oil. In January 2019 Billy went to China for immunotherapy and photo sono dynamic treatment. Billy gave his best effort in every treatment option made available to him but he could not beat this hideous disease. In his memory, Gippsland Grammar hosts a 'wear a beanie' day at Garnsey Campus, raising awareness and much-needed money for brain cancer.

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