Native Heart is a 200page hardcover poetry/ illustration book. It begins with a poem I wrote for my doctor.

For Dr Alison Hadley

she was a smart little girl

the same age as me

from the western suburbs of sydney

switched on with an inquisitive mind

mathematics came to her easily

i was a kid from the ocean side

who loved to write

we were art and science

worlds apart and now I owe her mine

the little girl who saved my life

I had the opportunity to beat cancer with science and hope by my side, so that I could be here today for my family and my children. When I had to then watch my cousins lose their beautiful father to brain cancer, I realised that this disease has no mercy. We need to figure out the science part ASAP so that hope can also be part of the brain cancer story.

Please buy my book at theaustralianpoet.com and donate below and help me reach my target for Carrie's charity.

The book is filled with many poems and gorgeous illustrations. I want to see everybody with cancer get to the other side.

life, it picked us one by one

always knew my time would come

just had too much to lose i guess

new baby girl up on my chest

poison surging through my veins

golden locks, stripped away

cut me. i cried like a child

radiate me. i still smiled

with love and science at my side

fighting death in strong alliance

i came out standing in the sun

hair flying wild, new life begun.

Let's do this!!!!

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