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Questions & Answers

I’m having a problem accessing my account. What should I do?

Check that you are using the correct log in details. If you’re not sure of your password you can follow the Forgot Password process, or simply contact us and we’ll reset it for you.

We’re a Charity registered with Donate Planet and we’re having difficulty logging in to our Dashboard. What is wrong?

Check that you’re logging in via the ‘Are You a Charity?’ panel at the bottom of the Home page. The login at the top of the page is for Donors. If that isn’t the problem, check that the email address you’re using is the same as the one that was entered when your charity was first registered; or that someone else who has accessed your dashboard hasn’t changed the email and password details. If none of this works, click on ‘I forgot my password’ under the Log In button, and you’ll receive email instructions on how to reset your password.