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Questions & Answers

I would like to volunteer; does Donate Planet offer any volunteer opportunities?

Donate Planet will be the ‘go to’ website for all aspects of donating. A number of sections will be added to Donate Planet during 2014, including information about Volunteering, and Blood & Organ donation.

Do I have to be part of an organised event to fundraise for a Donate Planet charity?

No. You might wish to undertake your own individual personal challenge to fundraise for your chosen charity.

I want to Fundraise for a particular event that my charity is holding – how do I do this on Donate Planet?

Check whether your charity has set up a special Campaign for this event on Donate Planet. Campaigns are listed underneath the list of Charities in the Fundraising dropdown menu. If your charity hasn’t set up a campaign, simply link your fundraising to the charity directly.

I'm looking for a specific event to link my Donate Planet fundraising campaign. Where can I find it?

An event doesn’t need to be featured as a charity Campaign on Donate Planet for you to start fundraising. Simply title your fundraising campaign to reflect the event you’ll be participating in and link it directly to the Donate Planet charity you wish to raise money for.

For example, someone wishing to run in the City to Surf event to raise money for The Starlight Foundation would set up their campaign page and entitle it ‘City to Surf – John Smith’ and link it directly to The Starlight Foundation.

What is the difference between a Charity, an Appeal, and a Fundraising Campaign?

A charity registered with Donate Planet is able to set up an Appeal to coincide with a particular fundraising period or event that they are holding during a year. An Appeal is created to last for a certain period of time before it expires, whereas a Charity is listed permanently. A Fundraising Campaign has been set up by an individual or group to raise money for a Charity or an Appeal. Fundraising Campaigns can be found under 'Fundraiser's in the main menu, or through the search function.

I’ve created my Fundraising Campaign, but attached it to the wrong charity/appeal. What do I do now?

Don’t panic! If you’ve just created your campaign, simply log into Donate Planet and select ‘My campaigns’ from your dropdown login menu. All your campaigns will be listed – choose the campaign that you wish to cancel and click on ‘cancel’. You will then need to set up a new fundraising page.