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Questions & Answers

Why does Donate Planet retain 6.2% of donations?

Our 6.2% fee on donations helps to pay transaction and administrative costs that are part of any donation. This also helps us provide administrative services to charities around the financial management of their donations so they can focus on what they do best. Donate Planet is a not-for-profit foundation so any profits go back into helping charities achieve more.

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Why not just donate directly to the charity, what value does Donate Planet offer?

Donate Planet makes it easier for you to donate, because you can access a wide range of charities with just one account. You can even log in with your favourite social network account, which means one less password to remember. Donate Planet lets you keep track of all your donations and when it comes to tax time, you can download a tax receipt too. By centralising charity donations, Donate Planet allows charities to spend more time and money on delivering important social programs, rather than on administration. Donate Planet publishes direct contact details for all registered charities, but we do not pass on any donor details to any charities.

I would like to volunteer; does Donate Planet offer any volunteer opportunities?

Donate Planet will be the ‘go to’ website for all aspects of donating. A number of sections will be added to Donate Planet during 2014, including information about Volunteering, and Blood & Organ donation.

Who is behind Donate Planet?

You can read all about the Donate Planet team on the About Us page.

Where is Donate Planet based?

Donate Planet is based in Sydney, Australia.

How do I contact Donate Planet?

You can find all of our contact details on our contact page.