World Animal Protection

Formerly known as the World Society for the Protection of Animals, World Animal Protection exists to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. We work directly with animals and with the people and organisations that can ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Our work is focused on four priority areas:

  • Animals in communities – prevention of cruelty and inhumane culling of animals from fear of rabies.

  • Animals in the wild – intensive farming and the cruel management and killing of wild animals for food or by-products.

  • Animals in farming – intensive farming, long distance transport and inhumane slaughter of animals for food.

  • Animals in disasters – providing care to animals suffering as a result of man-made or natural disasters, and thereby protecting people’s livelihoods.

We are local

We improve animals’ lives and prevent animal cruelty by working directly with communities and owners. Working on the ground with local partners for greatest effect, we are active in more than 50 countries.

We are global

We have consultative status and collaborate with national governments, the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organisation for Animal Health. We are uniquely placed to bring animals into the heart of the most pressing global debates and prove the links between good animal welfare and successful sustainable development.

We are there in emergencies

When disaster strikes, we make sure that animals – so vital for community recovery – are not forgotten. Working with partner organisations, governments, humanitarian groups and international agencies, WAP is the world leader in animal-focused disaster response and risk reduction.

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