WorkVentures is an Australian not-for-profit social enterprise that has been helping improve lives through skills training and access to technology since 1979. Our programs are founded on the belief that employment is the key to overcoming the fundamental causes of disadvantage. Unless people have a sustainable income, welfare dependence is inevitable.

WorkVentures delivers training programs for the following groups:

  • Indigenous youth – teaching aboriginal youth computer skills, as well as basic computer assembly and repairs, that will encourage them to be self-sufficient with technology and to take on further education. The program is offered throughout the Northern Territory.

  • Migrants & refugees – teaching migrant and refugee school students and job-seekers learn how to use common software and gain the basic IT skills that are needed to find meaningful employment.

  • Unemployed Youth – our traineeship program helps Sydney’s youth to gain the qualifications and work experience they need to find employment. Working with the business community, over 80% of participants complete our 12-month traineeships, and around 75% of those are offered permanent employment by the host business.

WorkVentures also operates a community centre within a public housing estate in Campbelltown (NSW) and our Connect IT refurbished computer program that supplies thousands of PC’s to low income households each year.

Our programs help offer individuals in disadvantaged communities the self-confidence, hope and skills that are vitally linked with employment. WorkVentures uses donations to fund our training programs and help give more people the skills they need to find employment.

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