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About the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is an independent research facility that is committed to excellence in research, training and the rapid translation of discoveries into new diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic regimens for people with or at risk of heart disease. The Institute is dedicated to the memory of pioneering cardiothoracic surgeon Victor Chang and his passionate belief in the power of discovery.

Through heart surgery, Dr Victor Chang was able to save hundreds of lives, but he knew that research could save thousands. Heart Disease remains the No. 1 killer of all Australians and takes the lives of four times more women than breast cancer.

The VCCRI also plays a major role in biomedical research training and in the translation of basic science advances to bedside clinical treatments.

Despite the profound importance of heart disease and despite the VCCRI’s achievements, it continues to be heavily dependent for its daily operations on charitable donations.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has as its mission “the relief of pain and suffering and the promotion of well-being through an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases”. In particular it has as a major emphasis the prevention diagnosis and treatment of heart muscle disease.

The Institute's research programs address vital contemporary issues – including heart development and congenital heart disease, inherited heart diseases, the potential application of adult stem cell technologies in cardiovascular care, cardiac arrhythmias, and how heart function is regulated in response to stresses like high blood pressure and ageing.

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