UnitingCare NSW ACT

UnitingCare NSW ACT is the social justice arm of the Uniting Church and reaches over 30,000 clients in NSW and the ACT every year.

Without fear or favour is how we approach everything we do. We don’t just take the easy road when it comes to making change for people, we do whatever it takes. We work with people from all backgrounds, religious beliefs, cultures and races. We treat all people with respect and without discrimination.

UnitingCare does innovative things that others are often not prepared to do. For instance, we run the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross. We took on the commitment to save lives and were prepared to take on running the Centre when no-one else would.

Another example is the New Parent Infant Network (Newpin). Here we work with disadvantaged families to help them better relate to their children and stop ‘the cycle of abuse’. We will often use our own resources for services like Newpin because we’re not waiting around for Government or other funding just to do innovative things that work.

UnitingCare is motivated by a commitment to build a more just, compassionate and fair society.

We respect and value diversity in all people.

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