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Trees For Life Incorporated is a community of people working to revegetate South Australia and conserve its remnant vegetation. We have 10,000 members including around 3,000 volunteers. Since its inception in 1981, Trees For Life has trained thousands of volunteers, grown over 32 million local native species for revegetation projects across the state and manages 4,500+ hectares of remnant vegetation. South Australia has a legacy of extensive land clearing. The long term effects of this include loss of habitat and biodiversity, plant and animal extinction, soil erosion, increased salinity, reduced water quality and weed invasion. We work to achieve our aims through:

• Identification, care and maintenance of remnant vegetation

• Production, planting, and care of replacement native vegetation

• Protection of biodiversity through seed collection, storage and utilisation in revegetation projects

• Community capacity building through volunteer recruitment, training and management

• Formal and informal education programs and community engagement to increase community understanding of the value of native vegetation, bush care and sustainable land management

• Business and scientific partnerships with public, private and non-government organisations

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