About The Salvation Army

For 130 years The Salvation Army has been offering caring support for Australians at every stage of life.

Today we are one of the largest providers of social services, material aid, crisis support and disaster relief in our nation. Through unique and effective partnerships with the Australian public, business community and government, The Salvation Army helps to address many of Australia’s greatest social problems.

Many people know us because of our timely and practical help in times of natural disasters and emergencies – such as floods, bushfires, cyclones and drought. However our services are as wide-ranging and diverse as the needs in our community and include community welfare services, aged care, counselling services, crisis and accommodation support, drug, alcohol and gambling addiction rehabilitation.

Over one million Australians are helped by The Salvation Army every year.

In a typical week across Australia we provide:

  • 100,000 meals for the hungry
  • 2,000 beds for the homeless
  • 5,000 to 8,000 food vouchers
  • 1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
  • Refuge to 500 victims of abuse
  • Assistance to 500 people addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Several thousand people with counselling
  • 3,000 elderly people with aged care services
  • Family tracing services which locate 40 missing family members

We are committed to assisting all people in need in our local communities, without regard to nationality, race, belief, sexuality, ability or judgment of behaviour, whatever their circumstances or needs.

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