The Reading Seed is an Australian based non-for profit organisation that is fundamentally based on the proverb from Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon to influence and change the world. The team at The Reading Seed believes that education is the key element to sustainable change for the children growing up in Children’s homes or orphanages. By providing these children with an education platform, the children develop confidence in their learning ability and acquire the skills to step-up and break the chain that was once prescribed to them as a given outcome. The Reading Seed is a charity offering sponsors the opportunity to choose where donations and funding is directed. Sponsors are able to select a particular project and donate directly towards the successful outcome of the project. Regular updates are provided to sponsors and The Reading Seed team is proud to be able to continuously commit to delivering as much of every dollar raised directly to the specific project requirements. Sponsors are also able to submit initiatives themselves and assist in driving their projects to success. The foundation of The Reading Seed is to 1. promote a sustainable future amongst children that have not had the same opportunities or basic rights as our own children, and, 2. Provide a connection between Australians and those in need whilst promoting a culture of philanthropy.

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