About The Kids’ Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Since 1993, thanks to strong community support, the charity has contributed tens of millions of dollars to scientific research projects to help children with many types of cancer.

Our mission is to support bold scientific research that has the greatest chance of clinical success in the improvement of treatments of childhood cancers.

Our vision is for 100% survival of children diagnosed with cancer while eradicating the harmful impacts treatment can bring.

Research can be hard to understand, but our funding policy is as easy as ABC.

  • Advocacy. We want to make childhood cancer a priority. We are committed to raising awareness of the issues faced by families, building support and providing real solutions for kids with cancer.

  • Bench. Laboratory research is the starting point to better understand childhood cancer. We support the type of pioneering thinking that will translate into new therapies to thwart this deadly disease.

  • Clinic. We are dedicated to ensuring discoveries at the lab bench are progressed into actual treatments as quickly as possible so that every child diagnosed has the best chance of living and living well.

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