The Hunger Project Australia

The Hunger Project is a global, non-religious, non-government organisation working in partnership with rural people in Africa, India and Bangladesh to end world hunger.

We believe that the hungry themselves are the key to ending hunger and poverty. Our work is to unlock their capacity, creativity and productivity so they can overcome their own hunger.

The Hunger Project works to break the cycle of poverty. We have a proven model that shows that ending hunger, poverty and aid-dependence is possible in our generation. We work collaboratively with the most poverty stricken, non-literate and subjugated people in the world. These people are not the problem—they are the solution! Through an inspiring leadership model we foster the will and skills to become self-reliant.

The Hunger Project does not give handouts. We do not function like a service delivery organisation. We do not give away food. We do not send people overseas to dig wells - the people in these communities are quite capable of doing these things themselves. Instead we work collaboratively with people to change their mind-set from one of resignation, feeling they will always be hungry, to one of optimism, that they can change their own lives. We work to build leadership and then, once a “can-do” spirit is present, we teach skills and provide resources in key areas: food security and nutrition, microfinance, health, education, clean water and sanitation.

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