STRONG WILLED - AFRICA is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious charity whose aim is to liberate Women and Children of African descent from poverty and other social injustices which have hinder their ability to live fully productive lives. Our target groups are women and girls, OVC and PLWD.

Our vision

To see women and children who have overcome their social, economic and cultural limitations and are active in decision making as well as contributing to the development of Africa as equal partners in Africa’s development agenda.

Our mission

To break the cycle of poverty in women and children through economic, education and social empowerment; promotion of women and children rights and promotion of increased participation of women and youth in political leadership.

Organization’s Main Objectives

  1. To Champion for protection of children and vulnerable adults from any form of exploitation either sexual, slavery or human trafficking
  2. To advocate and promote menstrual health justice, reproductive health and education for girls, including matters of menstrual poverty.
  3. To improve effective participation of the girl-child in education, increasing the enrolment, retention, transition & completion of the girl-child in secondary and tertiary education, and labor market.
  4. To support the orphans and vulnerable children with educational necessities to enable them enroll, remain and complete their education at all levels.
  5. To advocate for increased rates of representation of women in organizations, committees, workforce and other development entities.

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