Care, support for children and their families experiencing a life event or events that impacts on family life and the capacity to parent their children.

The majority of the families we work with are living or have lived with domestic violence or displacement and associated social and health problems. Other issues faced by the families we work with include but are certainly not limited to: homelessness or risk of homelessness, health or mental health issues ( child or parent), physical or intellectual disability(child or parent), legal issues, immigration issues, all of which affect the health and well being of the children.

The children often have behavioural problems, post traumatic stress, emotional/psychological disturbances (anxiety, depression) and some degree of social impairment or developmental delay. Additionally, we have noted that mothers and children are often disconnected from each other and interactions are often negative.

We adopt a strength based approach which believes that families have the knowledge and ability to solve their own problems given time, support and appropriate information.

This support is provided by:

  1. Weekly support groups for the children and their parents
  2. Parenting workshops
  3. Case management support
  4. Court Support
  5. Outreach services
  6. Referral
  7. Advocacy

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