So They Can

So They Can’s mission is to work together with communities in Africa to educate and empower, so they can break the poverty cycle, realise their own potential and meet their own needs.

We work with communities in Africa in need; empowering people to become self-sufficient and meet their own needs via education and community and economic development. We join the philanthropic and business worlds to work towards sustainable poverty alleviation. We connect people in the developed world with communities in need; so that we can both improve the way we live.

The rights of the child and gender equality are cross cutting issues across all our projects. We believe that every child has the right not to live in poverty so we design and deliver our projects to ensure real, tangible and lasting improvements to the lives of children we touch. We also recognise that while inequality can impact on both genders, it is generally women and girls who are disadvantaged. Therefore our projects have a strong emphasis on building the power of girls and women aiming to advance their rights and overcome deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability.

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