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The IT'S NOT OK organisation is making a stand and letting people know that ITS NOT OK that 27 million slaves exist in our generation (that is more then any other time in history). We fund and support the SHE Rescue Home, an aftercare facility home for young girls who have fallen victim to sexual exploitation in Cambodia found in forms of rape, trafficking, prostitution born into brothels or a very high risk of these injustices.

The SHE Rescue Home works in partnership with local and international agencies in Cambodia to give girls, as well as their families and communities, opportunities to reshape their lives and create a new legacy for the the country of Cambodia.

We are committed to working holistically with the girls and their families to bring overall change to them, their community and the nation of Cambodia. We work towards this through education and the alleviation of poverty with our family assistance program and micro-enterprise endeavours. Our social workers work alongside the families, educating them about the affects of pornography as well as rape /trafficking prevention. Our goal, where possible, is the safe reintegration of the girls to their families and communities whilst giving them a skill set to eradicate the financial need to resell or be victimise into trafficking or sexual exploitation due to their contribution to the families financial responsibilities through a monthly salary provided by the IT'S NOT OK project. You may never see her face or know her name but SHE matters.

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