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In 1987 we learned that between 1972 and 1987, 96% of Africa’s black Rhinos were slaughtered for their horn, from 65,000 down to 3,500. In 1987, Zimbabwe had around 2,000, South Africa, Kenya and Namibia each had 450 and Tanzania was home to the remaining 150. Now, 26 years on, it’s Namibia and South Africa up near 2,000 each, Kenya at 550, Zimbabwe with 400 and Tanzania down to less than 100, totalling 5,050.

We are now one of the leading supporters of Rhino conservation in Zimbabwe. To date we have donated more than $4,600,000 of vital equipment and infrastructure to Rhino conservation - $405,000 of equipment and project expenses in the 2012/13 financial year.

In the same timeframe, the Southern White Rhino, native to South Africa, has grown from 4,000 to around 19,000, showing that dramatic resurgences can occur with the right management strategies. These Rhinos are under heavy siege; 668 killed last year and over 525 so far this year!

SAVE African Rhino Foundation operates totally transparently and strives to have maximum accountability: we want to give you total confidence that your support goes where you intend it, and that it does some good for the causes we defend.

Over 26 years we have donated masses of vital anti poaching supplies. This includes 18 4wd trucks and spares, 16 motorbikes, 14 outboard motors, 10 rebuilt engines, 15 tons of used field kit (boots, packs, overalls, tents), 150 GPS, 250 two-way radios and batteries, veterinary supplies, helicopter hire, satellite communications, 50 cameras and 100 camera traps, expert field training and logistical personnel support, and masses of other stuff.

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