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SAFE Avon Valley Inc

SAFE Avon Valley are a community based animal rescue group based in Western Australia, run by dedicated volunteers who endeavour to rehome unwanted, abandoned and death row pets. SAFE Avon Valley consists of a network of temporary carers who have opened their homes to abandoned dogs and cats whilst permanent homes are sought. SAFE is proactive in helping to bring about positive change in the areas which cause so many unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats and strongly supports and promotes de-sexing of all domestic pets. Through positive change, the primary goal for SAFE Avon Valley Inc is to make a difference in the quality of life for cats & dogs and to promote the immense value to humans of pet ownership


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    SAFE Avon Valley acts to save lives first and worries about the vet costs later, as a consequence we have $6500 owing for surgeries performed this year to cats and dogs to: remove eyes, repair broken legs, save an ear, mend a pelvis run over by a bike, keep extreme cat flu cases alive by intravenous drip until they could eat again. These animals have already received vet care but if we cannot honour our vet bill others may not be so lucky and we need your help to ensure we can continue our life saving work for the animals who have no voice and no loving family…yet.


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