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Many young Australians are in crisis and their self esteem is suffering. Raise Foundation is a registered Australian charity which provides mentoring programs for young people facing profound challenges in their lives including mental health, substance misuse, and sexual health issues. These are very real and worrying threats to the health of Australian youth, and we can all raise our hands to make a tangible difference. We improve the lives of young people in our community by providing school and community based mentoring programs and personal development workshops. We put into practice the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Our mentoring programs provide a community of support around young people. Mentoring from a positive role model provides a nurturing pathway for teenagers to feel supported through tough times, particularly if they feel they can’t talk to other significant adults in their lives for various reasons. The power of having someone neutral to talk to, who really listens and actually hears you, is extraordinary. Raise Mentors are helping young people to raise their voices, improve their relationships, advance in their wellbeing and coping strategies, increase their self confidence, identify and achieve their goals, and engage in further education and employment.

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