P.A.I.N. Charity

People Against Intentional Neglect (P.A.I.N) is an Australian registered and run Charity since 2013. P.A.I.N raises awareness for Child Abuse Prevention in Australia and across the World.

We believe at P.A.I.N. that Every Day is Child Abuse Prevention Day,

P.A.I.N. was Founded in 2012 by Ron Waters. A Father and Grandfather. A Survivor of Institutional Sexual Abuse as a Child for many, many Years. Ron created P.A.I.N. to reduce the dramatic escalating statistics of Child Abuse in Australia. Child Abuse is currently a Pandemic in Australia. With a recorded average of 370,000+ Children Abused in 2017.

At P.A.I.N. we offer, * Awareness. * Advocacy. * Advice. * Support.

At P.A.I.N. we, * Listen. * Believe. * Respond. * Do Not Judge. * Support.

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