The Ocean covers 71% of Earth, but 95% of it is unknown to science. Oceanic research and literacy is vital to managing Australia’s future. Australia is an island that is almost completely controlled - economically, environmentally and socially - by three Ocean basins and their massive climate oscillations. The Indian Ocean Dipole, a phenomenon only discovered by science in 1999, was the driver of Australia’s recent ferocious bushfires.

The Oceanic Research Institute is unique in its plans, scope and operational modality. It was founded by the leader of Australia’s first Arctic expedition and is modelled on Australia’s famous Antarctic Division: planning research in remote places, providing logistics and support, and managing the scientists who undertake the unique projects.

ORI is a partner of the UN Ocean Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-30, and will undertake research Missions in the Pacific and GBR, produce films and books for worldwide distribution and develop Ocean Literacy programs for Australian schools. With an international Advisory Panel, a world-class Research Committee and a decade’s worth of Discovery Science projects planned, ORI is ready to begin field operations.

The Ocean is Australia’s greatest asset for future growth and food security. We have the third largest Marine Estate on Earth, with a sustainable value of $125 billion a year. To monetise this, Australia will need a new research fleet, new technologies and people trained in new skills.

But first, Australia needs a new Ocean awareness, and the Oceanic Research Institute can make a significant contribution.

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