National Aboriginal Solutions

National Aboriginal Solutions works together to provide Government, Private Sector Orgaisations including Industry, and Communities with Culturally appropriate Services, Support, Mentoring, Training, Consultancy and Business services.

All team members have an extensive knowledge of networks and experience in Aboriginal Community development. This knowledge has complemented National Aboriginal Solutions ability to operate with an extensive network of services.

National Aboriginal Solutions is an Incorporated Aboriginal Organisation, with specialised Aboriginal service and Aboriginal employees in their organisation.

The team has direct skills in the areas of Mentoring, Training, Employment programs, Cultural Training and Business Management for Aboriginal people, Youth, Communities, Government and Private Sector Engagement.

National Aboriginal Solutions is owned and operated by Aboriginal staff. These staff members have expertise in Community development, Aboriginal Law and Culture, Aboriginal Community consultation, Health, Children & Youth services, Government business agencies, Industry, Social development, Community justice, and Governance.

"Walking Together, Talking Together, Working Together to make Culture and Communities Stronger"

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