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The Magic Moments Foundation aggressively works to make a difference in the quality of life for these people in our communities through three basic programs: The Basket Brigade, the Grandies Program, and the Youth Leadership Program.

Basket Brigade is a country-wide program catering to families and individuals in need. We collect gift baskets and deliver them to the poor and the homeless in our respective communities.

The second program, Grandies, serves mostly the elderly residing in senior care facilities in Sydney. We ask the elderly (the Grandmas and Grandpas, aka Grandies) to make wish lists of things they need or want, and we have the items in their wish lists sponsored by donors. The items asked for could be as simple as a toothbrush and a singlet, or as substantial as a tracksuit and a pair of shoes, but we aim to make everyone's wish come true—if only twice a year.

Finally, the Youth Leadership Program seeks to provide resources to our youths to continuously improve themselves through training, development, and constant communication. We look for generous donors who are willing to sponsor an individual or a group of youths to attend our programs, where these teens are bred to become future leaders and contributing members of the community.

The Magic Moments Foundation is dedicated to providing the finest resources for inspiration, education, training, and development for these important members of our society.

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