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Every year around 130,000 Queensland children attend a Life Education class that helps them be empowered to make their own decisions when it comes to the important things in their life.

Children these days face problems of drugs, alcohol, smoking, cyber safety and even just being healthy.

If you were a child facing any of them, wouldn’t you want to make the best decision?

Life Education helps them out by providing fun memorabile lessons that helps them be able to make the correct decision Established in 1979, Life Education is a children’s charity that provides health, drug and alcohol education to empower kids to make safe and healthy choices.

Life Education delivers high quality, specialised health education programs in a fun learning style with age appropriate material. Life Education works in a unique partnership with parents and teachers to reinforce learning about healthy food choices, the benefits of physical activity, staying safe online, the dangers of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs, and strategies to cope with peer and social pressures.

More than six million Australians fondly remember Life Education’s Healthy Harold the giraffe, Australia’s most recognised and loved educational mascot for children.

Being a charity, Life Education relies on community support to help maintain our vital service.

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