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‘Life. Be in it.’ promotes healthy active life styles, leisure and recreational activities and the development of research and service initiatives that have as its’ primary object prevention and control of chronic diseases including asthma, cancer, heart disease, kidney conditions, stroke and mental disorders by promoting a greater level of physical activity and greater levels of social inclusion. ‘Life. Be in it.’ Australia Ltd became a charity in 2009 to extend our services to create regional employment programs, extend access into remote communities and assist with indigenous and cultural communities. The Company conducts social marketing and promotion programs that add value to life and its enjoyment, and which are wholesome in health promoting physiological, psychological and social wellness and undertakes public and community awareness and educational campaigns to promote the health, emotional and personal wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. With operations in every State and Territory ‘Life. Be in it.’ has been the leading light in recreational activities that provide a direct link to building a healthier Australia. To find out what is happening in your local area click on the link to our site. The primary object of the ‘Life. Be in it.’ Australia is to minimise harm through experience of chronic disease with a proven connection to levels of physical activity, nutrition and efforts to enhance social inclusion by promoting primary health, emotional and social wellbeing activities.

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