Kids West Western Sydney Paediatric Fund Raising Inc

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Kids West Western Sydney Paediatric Fund Raising Inc

Kids West has been supporting Paediatric and Neonatal intensive care units across western Sydney for over 20 years. Recognising the shortage of crucial equipment and resources in Hospitals such as Auburn, Westmead, Mt Druitt and Nepean, Kids West was welcomed as a no frills charity who aimed at identifying the real needs and filling gaps wherever possible. As at 2013 Kids West have donated in excess of $4.5m to various areas throughout Western Sydney for;

  • purchasing equipment such as intensive care beds, monitors for burns victims, specially designed wheelchairs & play equipment to help a child's stay in Hospital be more enjoyable,

  • sponsorship of breakfast programs in schools where children have no opportunity for breakfast something many of us often take for granted,

  • support of the Adolescent unit at Westmead Hospital providing guidance and support to those suffering from Anorexia Nervosa,

  • Support of Research into illnesses such as Childhood Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, asthma and Epilepsy.

Kids West assisted with the establishment of and continues as a key partner of the Shaken Baby Prevention Project developed by Westmead Children’s Hospital. We are proud to have worked alongside many other charities for a common goal, such as Ronald McDonald House, The Millennium Foundation, Canteen and many pre-Schools and Day Care centres.

"We believe that through our ability to provide much needed equipment, education and through accident awareness programmes we will Prevent Serious Accidents and Save Lives".

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