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Johnny Allnyte Worldwide Foundation

Johnny Allnyte Worldwide Foundation is a “not for profit” charity which was only set up officially in June of 2013. Our aims are to raise funds for the Workers' and Families within the Worldwide Towing & Trucking Industries in a time of need, to implement programs for the betterment of these Workers and to assist other charitable organisations and causes.

Our current projects are: Project one: JOHNNY ALLNYTE DAY AUGUST 17 whereby you are asked to display black and white ribbons to give recognition and show respect to the Worldwide Towing & Trucking Workers' their Families and their Fallen.

Project two: The SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER WORLDWIDE PETITION to put pressure on the global Governments to introduce the law, (if not in their country) police it and have it cover Tow Trucks and other Roadside Assistance vehicles.. We want this to be a recognised International Law.

Project three: WORLDWIDE EMERGENCY SERVICES DAY whereby you display red and blue ribbons to give recognition and show thanks to Worldwide Emergency Services Workers, as these men and women risk their lives to protect and save our lives.

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