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Institute of Bone and Joint Research

The Issue

People are living longer, but there is an epidemic of disorders and diseases of the bones and joints. By 2050 nearly ¼ of all Australians will be over 65. But for many people their later years are severely limited by physical disability, disorders and diseases of their bones and joints. Bone and joint disorders are a National Health Priority (1), and are second (to cancer) as a leading cause of the disease burden in Australia (2). Bone and joint disorders and diseases affect all ages and genders, across all ethnic and socioeconomic profiles. For example, arthritis is the major cause of activity limitation and chronic pain for nearly 4 million Australians, costing our economy $24b a year (3*). Yet there is neither a corresponding level of research funding, health policy setting nor future planning for the forthcoming epidemic of disorders and diseases of the bones and joints.

The Solution

The IBJR is a research-driven charity seeking new treatments and cures for bone and joint disorders and diseases. The IBJR also increase the awareness of the prevention, management and impact of these debilitating conditions. The Institute of Bone and Joint Research (IBJR) is improving the quality of life and easing the burden to society caused by bone and joint disorders.


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2.* The Lancet, December 2012

3.* Painful Realities: The economic impact of Arthritis in Australia in 2007. Access Economics: Arthritis Australia. 2007

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