Liam Ridgeway and Trent Shields identified a gap in the Indigenous Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) community, realising that there was little support for those in the industry or promotion for those looking to move into the space. They decided to start small with a group of five Indigenous people that were working in tech, meeting in a pub in Redfern to share their experiences and stories.


Indigitek has now run 8 events across a 24 month period with 176 in-person attendees and over 300 unique users of our live streams. We have a group of 80 engaged Indigenous members from across the country and a committed group of supporters and partner organisations that are passionate about our vision. We actively promote opportunities for our members whether they be events, jobs or scholarships.


  • Financial support for Indigitek's ongoing operations
  • Cross-promotion of activities
  • NAIDOC 2018 Women in STEM Symposium
  • Tech immersion tour to Silicon Valley
  • Study tours to leading STEM educational institutions internationally
  • Assistance in establishing scholarships (domestic and/or overseas)


We will continue what we are good at, networking events with real outcomes. Connecting people and organisations to increase awareness, participation and success.

Indigitek has been completely volunteer-run since it's inception. With the right support, Indigitek's activities and impact will be dramatically increased.


We want to increase Indigenous participation and success in STEM fields exponentially in order to realise the potential of STEM to create real social impact in Indigenous communities. This is achieved by our active and engaged membership base, peer support and learning and creation and promotion of opportunities.

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