Hunger For Knowledge

Hunger For Knowledge was founded in order to supply food stores to charity food programs throughout the Geelong region. With a primary focus on children, at-risk youth and the homeless, we establish and supply food stocks for school breakfast and lunch programs, welfare agencies, and community food programs providing either meals or food parcels. Our goal is to attract sufficient ongoing funding to enable us to supply every food program in need, allowing them to maintain or increase their services, whilst eliminating the need for them to expend their minimal funding on food purchases.

Hunger For Knowledge’s Geelong Foodbank operates as a central food distribution venue for charity agencies and food programs within Geelong and the surrounding regions. We have been doing so for in excess of 3 years, and access food in bulk deliveries from various avenues, including charitable and philanthropic commercial entities. We supply many food programs, feeding many thousands of people per week, and all work is performed by volunteers, with no paid staff.

At present, we operate on a system of donations contributed by the food programs attending our foodbank. Agencies/food programs contribute according to their individual abilities, with our community-based food programs usually making no contribution due to their lack of funding, whilst food programs operated by established charities contribute enough to cover our warehouse rental, electricity costs, etc.

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