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Millions of animals are used for the purpose of research every year in Australia, including mice, rats, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and farm animals. Humane Research Australia is strongly opposed to the use of animals in research on both ethical and scientific grounds. We maintain that animal experimentation is NOT a 'necessary evil', and that instead, it is misleading and outdated.

Humane Research Australia works professionally and ethically to develop community-wide awareness of animal experimentation; pursues all reasonable channels to eliminate such experimentation and champions the benefits of realistic, scientifically effective alternatives to all forms of animal usage in research and teaching.

We do not receive any government funding. Our activities include the below:

  • Investigating research practices to ensure public scrutiny
  • Developing resources about the dangers of our reliance on animal-based data
  • Promoting more humane and scientifically-valid research
  • Implementing our campaigns, including calling for an end to primate research and increased transparency in animal research
  • Providing alternatives to dissection in schools
  • Preparing case studies to raise awareness about the research conducted at Australian universities
  • Contributing to public consultations via submissions

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