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Hold on to Life

  • Suicide is the number 1 cause of death amongst Australians aged between 15 and 44.

  • Every day in Australia 7 people commit suicide and 200 people attempt suicide.

  • Suicidal thoughts can be beaten!

Suicidal thoughts are distorted information taking over your thinking when you are feeling down People attempt or complete suicide to escape intolerable emotional pain, convinced by the ‘delusion’ of depression that there is no hope of recovery or stopping the pain. Anxiety is a significant factor in depression and suicide. If unmanaged and uncontrolled, the many anxieties and stresses faced in our normal day to day lives can lead to depression and ultimately suicide. The core objective of services developed and offered by The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation is to reduce stress & anxiety and to Break the Downward Spiral. ASPF services provide advice, information & support and are accessible, private, without embarrassment, always available and never engaged.

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