Our heath and education programs address areas of need within the Marovo Lagoon.

The Education Relief Program tackles poverty by improving education and enabling self-development in the region. Most cannot afford education, so literacy and numeracy levels are poor. Our program relieves hardship by improving the ability of people to compete for jobs and start successful businesses. Ultimately the goal is to end long-term unemployment and poverty, and improve development in the region.

HEDS sponsor children through secondary and tertiary education. About $800 funds a full year’s education for a secondary student. Sixty-eight students are currently sponsored, but we’d love to sponsor more.

Our Health Relief Program aims to reduce hardship and suffering due to an inability to access health care. This leads to treatable conditions developing into significant health issues, with serious conditions not being treated at all.

HEDS run twice yearly surgical and medical clinics over a two-week period in the Marovo Lagoon. These clinics need long term financial support for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, including basic items like band-aids and paracetamol. Just $15 funds a doctor’s visit at our clinics and may save someone from something as simple as an infection becoming septic.

Thanks to our donors, these and other programs, such as community gardens and teacher training programs, all make a difference.

Please help us help the people of Marovo.

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