HeartKids Australia

Every day in Australia 8 babies are born with a heart defect.

HeartKids Australia focuses on improving the lives and futures of those affected by childhood heart disease (CHD) by being a leading provider of quality information and support services, advocacy, and by driving world class research.

HeartKids Australia does not receive any government funding and is totally reliant on corporate and community support. Childhood heart disease is not a single condition. It is an umbrella term that covers all heart defects present at birth (congenital), as well as those acquired in childhood as a result of other illnesses.

Congenital heart disease is the largest single cause of death of Australian children under the age of one.

Since its incorporation, HeartKids Australia has been on a journey of continuous improvement in order to improve the lives and futures of those affected by CHD, by providing high quality information and support services, driving world class research into the causes, treatment and management of CHD, advocating for the needs of children with CHD and their families, and raising awareness of the impact of CHD on children and their families

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