About QOCS

The Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society Inc. is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which has been preserving and recording Queensland's Passenger Transport History since 1996.

Our Vehicles

Our society possesses a current fleet of 17 heritage buses and coaches which were built between 1948 and 1989 – ranging from the first modern-type of Brisbane City Council buses to more technologically advanced school buses and coaches. We are different to other groups in that the club itself wholly owns a fleet of buses which its voluntary members maintain and preserve for the benefit of future generations.

Our heritage bus fleet includes a number of British-made AEC and Leyland vehicles which are now no longer produced, as well as more contemporary Volvo, Denning and Nissan examples.

Our Challenges

One of the biggest challenges with operating buses are the recurring costs involved - such as registration, insurance, fuel and necessary refurbishments and repairs. We rely heavily upon donations and fundraising to continue improving the condition of our buses - which is inevitably cost intensive.

Our society is also in the process of obtaining land for the establishment of Queensland’s first bus museum. To date we remain without a place of our own to store and maintain our buses - which is one of our biggest challenges.

Whether it's $5, $50 or $500 - the more money we raise, the more vehicle restoration work we can undertake - such as the recent refurbishment of Bus 827 a 1978 Volvo B59 (pictured above).

Our fundraisers

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