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Fitness Fundraisers mission is to revitalise your health and wellbeing and in doing so, transform the lives of those less fortunate through public awareness and charitable donations.

Now you've signed up to the Fitness Fundraisers challenge and you're looking to raise funds and make a difference while you transform your own health.

Here's how: See this example and follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up to Donate Planet

  2. Start your fundraiser by scrolling down the Fitness Fundraisers page and clicking "start fundraising". You can also start your fundraiser here

  3. Select a charity or Campaign - here you will select "Fitness Fundraisers"

  4. Enter Your fundraising Campaign Name - here make sure to outline the specific charity you are fundraising for. Eg. Elle's Fitness Fundraiser for Cancer Council. NOTE: Please choose a charity that Donate Planet has listed, if the charity you'd like to fundraise for is not listed encourage them to register or get in touch with Donate Planet. You can see all the charities here.

  5. Full Description - here's where you give a little insight into the who, what and why you're involved in fitness fundraisers. For example, "I've signed up to Fitness Fundraisers challenge. While i'm getting my body and mind in shape, i'm going to be raising funds for Cancer Council a cause close to my heart. I'd love if you'd sponsor me on my fitness journey so that while i'm making a difference to my life, it's helping to make a difference to others too. Follow my journey on instagram @ellesmith__ and here on Donate Planet where i'll be updating you via the comments section of my fundraising page."

  6. Enter Your Target Amount - enter the amount you'd like to raise

  7. Add Your Fundraising Campaign Image - here you can put a personal photograph something that will resonate with your friends, family and sponsors.

  8. Add the Partner URL - enter alternatively you can put the link to the charity you are raising funds for.

  9. YouTube video URL - feel free to leave this blank

  10. Selected the Fundraising campaign start date - select the date you'll begin the challenge so that your sponsors can begin donating to your fundraiser

  11. Selected the Fundraising campaign end date - select the date you'd like to wind up your fundraiser

Your fundraising campaign has now been successfully created. Now you will be given your campaign URL so you can spread the word by sharing your fundraising campaign via social media and email.

To edit your fundraising campaign, simply select the 'Edit' link next to your campaign within the 'Your Campaigns' area of your dashboard.

Check out the FAQ's for more information or get in touch with us at Donate Planet via [email protected]

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