FAME - Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species

FAME is the only organisation completely dedicated to helping Australian species most at risk of extinction. So far FAME and our supporters have helped bring more than 20 unique Australian species back from the brink.

FAME believes that a partnership approach to saving endangered species is the best way to save wildlife. FAME works with like-minded organisations, wildlife authorities and private landowners on projects that increase the likelihood of survival of one or more endangered species. But perhaps more importantly FAME connects people passionate about saving our environment with the best people working in this field. We do this by raising funds from people like you and effectively directing these funds to where the need is greatest.

Our current areas of focus include: saving the endangered Tasmanian Devil; protecting endangered grassland mammals such as the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby, at Mt Rothwell (Victoria); preventing the spread of Cane Toad and its adverse impacts on native species; and re-introducing the Western Quoll back to arid Australia in the Flinders Ranges (South Australia).

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