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Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation is Victoria’s premier support agency for people living with epilepsy. It is estimated that up to 4 percent of Australians will have epilepsy during their lifetime (892,000). The number of people significantly affected by epilepsy in Australia is therefore estimated to be approximately 3.6 million. The number of people Australia-wide estimated to have a seizure in their lifetime, due to epilepsy or other health conditions, is 2.2 million people, or 8.9 million indirectly affected. We provide a range of support services for families, friends & community. Sometimes it may involve talking through the situation with one of our counselors or special education sessions for as many people as necessary. We have available a wide range of resources to supplement the work we will do with you, including videos, information sheets and epilepsy management plans, online resources and the best epilepsy specific library in the southern hemisphere.

Some epilepsy facts:

  • A seizure is a disturbance of movement, feeling or consciousness occasioned by sudden, inappropriate and excessive electrical discharges in the brain

  • Recurrent seizures usually attract a diagnosis of epilepsy

  • Epilepsy can occur at any age, but is more common in children and those over 65 years of age

  • Epilepsy responds to medication in approximately only 70 percent of people

  • People with epilepsy have a mortality rate 2-3 times higher than that of the general population

  • Epilepsy is ranked in the top five causes of avoidable death in the 5-29 age group.

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