The Daystar Foundation

Daystar Foundation develops in-school education programs to assist children at risk of not fulfilling their educational potential. Daystar is a community based, not-for-profit organisation creating futures through education for children. We do this by linking schools, families and communities; and mobilising resources in the form of money, services, goods and volunteer time with a clear message that everyone can make a difference. The need for creating supportive environments for our young people has never been greater. Daystar works with children from early childhood throughout their education to help increase their connection to school. We create community environments to help children stay at school longer, have a positive school experience and ultimately increase their life opportunities.

Daystar’s vision

Creating futures through education.

Daystar’s mission

To work collaboratively with communities in order to create supportive environments that encourage children to engage in their education, thereby empowering them to make informed life choices.

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