Clown Doctors

Imagine being a child in hospital, away from the comfort of your home and all that is familiar, and feeling sad, anxious, frightened, lonely or in pain. This is where Clown Doctors can help. They treat children in hospital with medicine of a different kind...doses of fun and laughter!

Many kids in hospital face a hard time. Clown Doctors address the psychosocial needs of the child in hospital in a unique way. By parodying the hospital routine, the Clown Doctors help children feel less traumatised by medical procedures. Oversized medical equipment, 'red-nose' transplants, 'cat' scans, humour checks and funny bone examinations are all part of the fun. By exaggerating intimidating jargon and procedures, fear and anxiety are reduced.

'Clown Rounds' are conducted through all wards including intensive care and oncology, and most clinics including emergency and burns. Children can forget their illness for a moment and return to a world of fantasy and play. It is hard to keep a sad face when the Clown Doctors come in! It is not only laughter that is important. A smile, or a glimmer in the eye, is also a special moment.

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