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Cat Haven

(Cat Welfare Society Inc)

Cat Haven – Every Cat Matters "Rescuing cats from the perils of the streets" has been the basis of Cat Haven's existence since its beginnings in 1961.

Now grown to be the premier cat welfare shelter in WA, we at Cat Haven…

  • Never say ‘no' to a homeless cat or kitten

  • Care for cats in need including emergency refuge from situations of domestic violence

  • Offer the best possible health care, including gentle and humane euthanasia when needed in our Vet Clinic

  • Promote adoption of cats and kittens from Cat Haven and help new owners find their perfect match

  • Run a cat foster care program to help give cats a better chance

  • Help cats and owners in need with subsidised goods and services

  • Provide subsidised sterilisation and microchip services

  • Offer quality boarding facilities

  • Continually educate the community about cat welfare

  • Work with state government to get a better deal for cats

As a charity, Cat Haven relies heavily on donations to give the homeless and injured cats in our community a second chance. Every dollar donated has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of abandoned cats in Western Australia.

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