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We're a new kind of service, providing kids living with disability what they want, not what others think they need. Real opportunities to make friends, learn life skills and build the networks that will help kids and families live not just the good life, but their best life.

BestLife Inc. was established to provide families with children living with disability high quality out of home experiences their kids need and deserve.

Every child, regardless of what they can or can't do, is entitled to time with friends, doing things they enjoy and learning the skills they need to contribute to the community. Until now, such families have had limited or no access to services that bring out their kids' best.

BesLife is about re-energising families, fostering independence and providing an opportunity for all kids to live their best life.

The BestLife Vision:

  • One day, every child, regardless of ability or disability, will have the chance to live more than the good life.

  • Every child will have friends who see what they can do is more important than what they can't.

  • Every child will have places to go and things to do that challenge, inspire and entertain them.

  • One day every family will know their child will grow up surrounded by people who understand, appreciate and value them.

  • One day, every child and every family will have the chance to live, not just a good life, but their best life.

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