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    At Austbrokers, we consider philanthropy and community service important aspects of our corporate social responsibility, and this is our opportunity to help out those less fortunate and to support charitable causes. Through our philanthropic services we can direct efforts to help improve the overall well-being of those people who benefit from the charities and community services we support. By supporting our selected charitable organisations, we can be assured that our efforts are going to a good cause, and will be used responsibly.

    Our main charitable initiative is support via the Donate Planet Foundation Ltd. Through this initiative, it is our goal to raise $20,000 in the first year through our risk premium donation program via Donate Planet. We are very proud and excited to be aligned with Donate Planet who have over 20 years experience in philanthropy and clearly see this as a revolutionary alignment of Financial Services & Philanthropy with the objectives of raising funds for those in need.

    NOTE: All donations made via Austbrokers will go to Clown Doctors

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