Aurora Community Television Arts Foundation

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Aurora Community Television Arts Foundation

Aurora is a not for profit, independent community channel, screened nationally on Channel 183 on FOXTEL. Aurora showcases the work of independent and emerging Australian producers, and is committed to screening interesting, diverse and innovative content to encourage awareness and understanding of community issues and interests. Aurora Community Channel is a partner of Australian Made and is proudly supported by FOXTEL.

Our Vision

Aurora is a digital community where all Australians can come together to share their stories, experiences, interests and passions.

Aurora is a launchpad for new and emerging producers and offers all Australians the opportunity to have a voice on a national platform.

Mission Statement

As a broadcaster, we will create value and pride for our stakeholders by encouraging and enabling new producers and communities to generate unique and interesting content.

As an organisation, we will value diversity, encourage learning and inspire creativity in everything we do.

We will provide capacity for all Australians to produce and broadcast content on a national platform.

Aurora Community Channel is a registered not for profit organisation. Aurora Television Arts Foundation has full DGR status.

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