For over 150 years Anglicare Australia has been providing care and support to Australians from all walks of life.

Comprising of more than 20,000 staff and volunteers, Anglicare Australia has grown into a not-for-profit network of 40 organisations that provides a wide range of services in our communities. From providing child care and community aged care services, to delivering disability and domestic violence programs; from advocating for our indigenous population, to helping providing housing and homelessness services, from supporting people to break drug and alcohol addiction to working in mental health, from helping new refugees settle to providing a home for children and young people who cannot live with their families, Anglicare Australia helps over 930,000 people every year in every community right across Australia.

Across Australia daily, over 13,900 children will wake up in our care, we will deliver personal care to 30,511 people so they can remain in their own homes, over 34,000 children will use our child care centres, people with disabilities or mental illness will attend our employment services, relationship, mental health or financial counselling will be offered across the country. And as the day ends 32,892 people will settle down in our homelessness services and over 3,000 elderly people will go to sleep in our residential aged care.

We are a national voice for social change, advocating for the people our services support. We are committed to putting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged at the heart of our society.

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